Housing, Development & Planning Professionals for Africa

Why use us?

  • We make your investments go further, leveraging additional development opportunities
  • We ensure transparency in the delivery of projects
  • We undertake project appraisal to ensure it reflects & meets investors & local needs
  • We place sustainability and equality at the heart of Net Zero Agenda

Our Services

Provide Improved/Increased Access to Quality Healthcare

We increase/improve opportunities and access to quality healthcare

Develop A Net Zero Agenda and Pathway for Africa

We support African countries to develop a Net Zero Agenda and Pathway

Deliver Educational Empowerment

We deliver educational improvement programmes that builds future skills and workforce

Develop & Deliver Functioning Housing and Infrastructure Systems

We deliver housing and infrastructure systems which support place-making and foster economic growth

Carryout Feasibility Studies and Dynamic Project Monitoring

We carry out feasibility studies and project monitoring to assess the efficacy of projects

Develop Strategic Development Plans for Countries

We develop evidence based strategic development plans to drive economic, housing and infrastructure development


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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Housing has a major impact on the health & wellbeing, education, life chances and outcomes of Africans. It is also a major reflection of social/economic inequality, poor infrastructure development, poor health outcomes and social/economic injustice. It is also crucial to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Africa Our primary focus is to support the emergence and thriving of a national/regional housing system which drives economic development, sustainability, social equalities, better infrastructure and improved healthcare opportunities across Africa. 


Given significant budgets are committed to housing and infrastructure developments annually by African governments and, international organisations along with their governments, we provide professional services through feasibility studies to scope out potential projects and provide ‘independent eyes’ on the ground for funders to monitor projects and obtain feedback directly from those affected.

Years Established

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Project Initiatives

School Building Project

The 21st Century School Project aims to provide students, teachers and local communities with a ‘fit for purpose’ school system which, meets the standards of a 21st century educational and learning environment.

Strategic Development Plan for the Internally Displaced Persons (STRAD-PIP)

The needs of displaced persons are not different from the needs others. Essentially, displaced persons need good quality housing and related infrastructure in a stable, safe and secure environment.

Strategic Urban Regeneration Plan (SURPLA)

Our aim is to work with all stakeholders and partners in regenerating urban areas, particularly, slums to ensure urban dwellers have access to the services which enhance their livelihood.

Housing Beyond Bricks and Mortar

Since housing goes beyond bricks and mortar, we do not just build houses; we develop communities and homes whilst also reflecting the unique housing and infrastructure needs and demands from slums to cities.

Without integrity, we will not deal.

Our vision for Africa is a place where people want to live, work and do business, and where everyone has the opportunity to afford decent housing or accommodation.

What are the major services we offer?

We offer customer focused services along key areas including:

  • Provide Improved/Increased Access to Quality Healthcare
  • Develop A Net Zero Agenda and Pathway for Africa
  • Deliver Educational Empowerment
  • Develop & Deliver Functioning Housing and Infrastructure Systems
  • Carryout Feasibility Studies and Dynamic Project Monitoring
  • Develop Strategic Development Plans for Countries
What fields do we provide Strategic Development Plans on?

Our strategic reports cover a wide range of areas including Affordable Housing; Infrastructure Development; Health and Wellbeing; Education; New town/ New City Development; Economic Development; Sustainability and Net Zero and Housing needs and Demand Analysis including Housing Needs for Vulnerable Groups.

What are our plans to promote sustainability?

We support Governments and institutions to set sustainability actions and Net Zero Pathway which foster economic growth and take account of the needs of their people. We aim to develop new industries in the renewable sector to support economic growth.

What are our plans for housing and infrastructure?

Housing is a major pillar of economic and social development. Our plan is to support African countries to develop a housing system which drives all sectors of the economy and the society. We work with Governments and their institutions to maximise opportunities across the sectors, leading to improved infrastructure across the countries.

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