Company Profile

Housing is crucial to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Africa. Our primary focus is to provide innovative solutions and consultancy services on housing and infrastructure development to support African nations to successfully achieve the SDG goals.

Our Vision for Africa

Our vision for Africa is a place where people want to live, work and do business, and where everyone has the opportunity to afford decent housing or accommodation.

 We believe that a good housing system is possible in Africa – a system that robustly addresses the housing needs of everyone, supports the attainment of SDG goals, drives economic development, tackles poverty, promotes health and wellbeing, addresses social/economic and injustice inequality, supports infrastructure development, and promotes the adoption of modern technology.

We also believe that the gains from foreign and local investments (grants and loans) can go further than they currently do to deliver added value. We offer customer focused services along key areas including:

  • Providing improved/increased access to quality healthcare
  • Developing a Net Zero Agenda and Pathway for Africa
  • Delivering educational empowerment
  • Developing & delivering functioning housing and infrastructure systems
  • Carryout feasibility studies and dynamic project monitoring
  • Develop strategic development plans for countries

 We understand the unique developmental needs of people (such as economic, healthcare, housing and infrastructure) across African countries and our goal is to work with the countries in Africa to develop and implement innovative measures which support their developmental needs and economic growth.

Our Consultants

Tony Olowoyeye

DR. Olayinka Ajala

Prof. BAYO Adeloye

Prof. Stephen Ogunlana

Dr. Adekunle Babayemi

John Mair

Barri Millar

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