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What are the major services you offer?

We offer customer focused services along three major themes including:

  • Developing Policy and Strategy on housing.
  • Delivering Affordable Housing and Innovative Funding Mechanism.
  • Data Management and Statistical Analysis (DMSA) for informed decision making.
How do you make housing affordable?
We create affordable housing by working with governments, organisations, and their strategic partners in Africa and other developing countries to deliver affordable housing to meet the housing needs of their citizens.
Which areas do you provide data for
Areas of data management we cover include data on housing and infrastructure, development and economy, health and wellbeing, crime, demographic behaviour, service delivery and level of satisfaction with services.
What are the fields that you provide strategy on?

Our strategic reports cover a wide range of areas including affordable housing, infrastructure development; poverty; economic initiatives for new and existing communities; housing needs and demand analysis including housing needs of older people and with disabilities.