Project Initiatives

We help implement workable management systems and structure for housing and infrastructure across slums and cities in Africa and other developing countries.

Project Initiatives

School Building Project

The 21st Century School Project aims to provide students, teachers and local communities with a ‘fit for purpose’ school system which, meets the standards of a 21st century educational and learning environment.

Strategic Development Plan for the Internally Displaced Persons (STRAD-PIP)

The needs of displaced persons are not different from the needs others. Essentially, displaced persons need good quality housing and related infrastructure in a stable, safe and secure environment.

Strategic Urban Regeneration Plan (SURPLA)

Our aim is to work with all stakeholders and partners in regenerating urban areas, particularly, slums to ensure urban dwellers have access to the services which enhance their livelihood.

Specialist Development Project for People with Disabilities in Africa

In Africa, an estimated 60-80 million people are living with disabilities. People with disabilities face exclusion, discrimination and difficulties in their fundamental rights.

National Strategic Development Plans

Housing is a system and like other systems, it has an impact on the economy, infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, the financial market, living standards, and the health and wellbeing of a nation.

Police-Armed Forces Housing Development Plan (PAHD-PLAN)

The first duty of the Government is to defend the physical and atmospheric boundary of the nation while also maintaining internal peace. This duty is carried out by the Police Force and Armed Forces on behalf of the Government. Notably, Police Force and Armed Forces:

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